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Danny Walsh

Technology & FCAT iLabs

There’s an intellectual curiosity that runs deep here. We’re a skilled group of software engineers, architects, data scientists, and more – exploring, visualizing, and developing solutions that are deployed, tested, and evolved as we work to make an impact for millions of customers and their financial futures.

Operations & Corporate Services

Innovation comes through collaboration. Global Operations ranging from accounting and corporate actions to salesforce administration works to define best practices – improving quality, productivity, and efficiency – as they streamline business transactions to drive better outcomes for millions of customers around the world.


Workplace Management

The vibrant, inclusive atmosphere at Fidelity Investments Ireland is driven by our Workplace Management teams including human resources, real estate, risk, and corporate communications. You’re empowered to shape development opportunities and redefine how our businesses work. Making an impact for our teams today, and for years to come.